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I do some of the admin for the Undivided Blog site and have had a hand in setting things up. I enjoy mixing creativity with the things I hold dear. I'm an avowed celibate, living single for Jesus. And the brilliant thing is - I really enjoy it! Endurance, balance, love for all people, and genuine friendship are things that keep me flourishing. And I'm partial to a bag of Twiglets here and there, too. :-)

Undivided blog has now moved

silver ringWe are very please to announce that Undivided blog, as of today, has moved.

Thanks so much to everyone for following the Undivided blog through its first eleven months of life. This move signifies an end to a great first year for the ever-growing Undivided blog team, and marks the beginning of a new chapter.

All existing content, including posts, pages and, very importantly, all of our readers’ comments, can from now on be found here:

New posts will all go onto the new site from now on and this old site will not receive new content.

As well as receiving a facelift, the new blog, now being hosted on its own domain, is free of third party advertising (phew!) and has some interesting new features.

Check it out – but first! …

Just a quick reminder of things you might need to do on the new blog site when you get there:

  • Re-subscribe to receive posts by email from the new-style blog
  • Change your bookmarks and other links to this old site, replacing them with the new URL
  • Share it socially with your friends using the new share buttons on the new site

There’s a new post by jfaire waiting there to welcome you now. Go take a look.

Thanks again for your support from all the Undivided team! 🙂

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An interview with Andy

Andy - given to God

Andy: ‘I wanted to give myself to God as fully as possible’

Andy has been a committed celibate for over ten years.

Undividedblog recently asked him a few questions about his celibacy. Here’s what he said:

Tell us a little about yourself and why you are celibate

I became celibate in 2001 after I had been a Christian for eight years. I was becoming increasingly aware of God’s power and love towards me. I felt like God was limitless and that I was limitless in him. I wanted to give myself to him as fully as possible. It was a very difficult decision because I had always wanted to get married. But God softened my heart gradually until I reached the point where I chose celibacy.

How have you found celibacy? (i.e. your experience)

There was a time shortly after I committed to celibacy when I really regretted it. I felt like I had ruined my life. I was not living in Christian community at the time and celibacy seemed pointless. But when I moved into community, celibacy made perfect sense.

Although it can be tough at times, I regularly thank God for the gift of celibacy because it makes me more available to him and the church.

How have people both inside and outside the church responded to your celibate commitment?

When I made my celibacy commitment, I was a member of a church where the gift of celibacy was not properly understood. Although most people were supportive of my decision, some didn’t like it and said I shouldn’t talk about it. Others thought it was a bit weird and that there must be something wrong with me if I didn’t want to get married. I found that hard.

In the Jesus army, there is a much clearer understanding of the vision and purpose of celibacy and so I feel valued. New friends often ask questions about it and I really enjoy sharing with them my passion for God and how that is expressed in celibacy.

What is your vision as a celibate?

This has changed over the years. When I first became a celibate, I had delusions of grandeur! I thought God was going to make me into some kind of Christian superstar! I hoped to be an international Christian celebrity speaking at churches all around the world!

I’ve realised that celibacy is a much humbler path than that! Single-heartedness in my walk with God. Availability to others. Freedom to love all kinds of people.

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Book reviews coming soon …

Open BookComing soon …

Book reviews on celibacy and related issues.

Ever wanted to read a good book about celibacy, or maybe a book about or by a specific celibate man or woman, but not quite known where to look?

Hopefully we’ll be able to point you in the right direction. We have a plan to post up first-hand reviews on lots of good books about this kind of stuff.

If there’s a book you’d like to recommend, let us know in the comments below, or send us an email. Thanks.


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Quote – Heini Arnold: the undivided heart

‘The fact that some feel called to remain single for the sake of Jesus points to a special act of love and is a sign of an undivided heart … The undividedness with which a person gives up everything for Jesus brings about a special relationship to Him. Such a person suffers for the sake of Jesus because the soul wants to be like Him in all things …’

Heini Arnold, 1977
In the Image of God – Marriage and Chastity in Christian Life

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Quote – Mother Teresa: loving God

‘I cannot, in conscience, love a creature with the love of a woman for a man. I no longer have the right to give that affection to any other creature but God.’

Mother Teresa 1910-1997

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Is celibacy for anyone or just a select few?

Gift of CelibacyAnyone, certainly, but not necessarily everyone.

The New Testament says that spiritual gifts are determined and given by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:11).

And yet we are also told to ‘eagerly desire the greater gifts’ (1 Cor. 12:31).

So gifts are given by God, but they are also to be desired and received by us. It’s a two-way operation.

So in that case, all spiritual gifts – healing, prophecy, tongues, intercession … and other gifts too – must surely be for anyone. They’re available to us all, if we so desire them.

I have found myself desiring particular spiritual gifts at different times throughout my Christian life; and then, some when down the line, I’ve been surprised to find that I’m using them! I’m sure God awakes in us the desire for certain gifts and that process is all part of him giving them to us.

It’s similar with the gift of celibacy.

Perhaps we find ourselves longing to give everything for the kingdom of God, longing for a close walk with God, longing to be like some of the celibates that we see around us, longing to be more fruitful. God awakes a longing in our heart for the things which celibacy embodies and – for those that dare – this is all part of receiving the gift. So in that sense, celibacy is for anyone. Although many will not choose it or receive it, it is available, even offered, to all.

Jesus said that only those to whom it had been given could accept that it’s better not to marry; but then he also said in the same breath that some would make themselves eunuchs (choose to stay single) for the sake of the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 19:10-12). So there’s a receiving of a gift in celibacy, but there’s also a very definite making of oneself celibate.

It would be wrong to say that celibacy is supposed to be for everyone – the Apostle Paul himself says that it is wrong to forbid people to marry (1 Tim. 4:1-4). However, I think it is right to say that it can be for anyone, whatever their age, race, sexual orientation, abilities or background.

The gift of celibacy is not for some kind of gifted, higher-class elite, but it’s open to be received, and enjoyed, by all.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Quote – John Chrysostom: crucified life

‘The root and flower of celibacy is a crucified life.’

John Chrysostom 344? – 407

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