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Undivided blog has now moved

silver ringWe are very please to announce that Undivided blog, as of today, has moved.

Thanks so much to everyone for following the Undivided blog through its first eleven months of life. This move signifies an end to a great first year for the ever-growing Undivided blog team, and marks the beginning of a new chapter.

All existing content, including posts, pages and, very importantly, all of our readers’ comments, can from now on be found here:

New posts will all go onto the new site from now on and this old site will not receive new content.

As well as receiving a facelift, the new blog, now being hosted on its own domain, is free of third party advertising (phew!) and has some interesting new features.

Check it out – but first! …

Just a quick reminder of things you might need to do on the new blog site when you get there:

  • Re-subscribe to receive posts by email from the new-style blog
  • Change your bookmarks and other links to this old site, replacing them with the new URL
  • Share it socially with your friends using the new share buttons on the new site

There’s a new post by jfaire waiting there to welcome you now. Go take a look.

Thanks again for your support from all the Undivided team! 🙂

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Welcome to the undividedblog (newsletter about Christian celibacy)

Hi everyone

Welcome to the undividedblog.

Back in February 2012, a group of us from the Jesus Fellowship talked about the idea of having a celibates’ blog.  Christian celibacy has been a big, big part of our church for many years; indeed the growth of our church would have been impossible to the same degree without committed celibates.

So, what is Christian celibacy? It involves a deliberate choice to be single for Jesus in order to live as single-mindedly as we can for Him (1 Corinthians 7). We choose it ‘for the sake of the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 19: 12). We’re following a great tradition … Paul, Francis, Clare and yes, and don’t forget even most importantly, we’re just following after Him – Jesus of course!

There’s around 250 of us in the Jesus Fellowship; we’re not perfect but we are on one of the most exciting journeys this world can offer us  …  come and read about it on the blog … and yes, please do contribute … just email us with your inspirations:

The blog will include many topics: stories about old and contemporary heroes of the celibate life, frequently asked questions about celibacy, poems and inspirational snippets on celibacy and more …

Undividedblog was formally launched at the Jesus Fellowship’s national celibates’ event on Monday 10th September 2012. We’ve got other similar events in the future. Hey, everyone’s welcome – do come along!


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