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Living life to love

A friend of mine suggested I post some words to a song I wrote recently.  The first bits that came were a few chords, a rhythm and some wo o o o o’s, but a few days later I got thinking…  Both my parents are in their 70s now and before long I’ll be hitting 40. I suddenly started to grasp just how short our life on Planet Earth is and felt so grateful for knowing God in my life.  It also made me want to give my best for the next 40 years or so, as it’s the only chance I’ve got and there’s the whole of eternity to enjoy.  So, here they are…(without the wo o o o o’s)

Flowers fade, but Your love remains; we’re growing older, but You stay the same.

Time’s passing by like the blink of an eye; want to give us my life for others God.

We’ve only got one life to live and there’s and endless stream of love to give.

When I die, my life has passed me by, I want to say that I walked with You my Lord.

Each passing day, help me to live Your way, so I’m storing some treasure up above.

We’ve only got one life to live and there’s an endless stream of love to give.

When we stand there, New Earth’s breezes in our hair, a perfect bride at Your side;

Round us there’ll be those we helped to be free.  They’ll be weaving together worship harmonies.

We’ve only got one life to live and there’s an endless stream of love to give.

So let’s give it!

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Welcome to the undividedblog (newsletter about Christian celibacy)

Hi everyone

Welcome to the undividedblog.

Back in February 2012, a group of us from the Jesus Fellowship talked about the idea of having a celibates’ blog.  Christian celibacy has been a big, big part of our church for many years; indeed the growth of our church would have been impossible to the same degree without committed celibates.

So, what is Christian celibacy? It involves a deliberate choice to be single for Jesus in order to live as single-mindedly as we can for Him (1 Corinthians 7). We choose it ‘for the sake of the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 19: 12). We’re following a great tradition … Paul, Francis, Clare and yes, and don’t forget even most importantly, we’re just following after Him – Jesus of course!

There’s around 250 of us in the Jesus Fellowship; we’re not perfect but we are on one of the most exciting journeys this world can offer us  …  come and read about it on the blog … and yes, please do contribute … just email us with your inspirations:

The blog will include many topics: stories about old and contemporary heroes of the celibate life, frequently asked questions about celibacy, poems and inspirational snippets on celibacy and more …

Undividedblog was formally launched at the Jesus Fellowship’s national celibates’ event on Monday 10th September 2012. We’ve got other similar events in the future. Hey, everyone’s welcome – do come along!


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