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Love works

It’s funny how Love works
You make yourself vulnerable
Feel terrible, naked, alone
And then comes Love
With a rose between His teeth
Enticing, proposing, freeing
Smiling, loving, enjoying
And suddenly you realise
You feel a bit naughty
A little bit wild
Confident in who you are
There’s a warmth lit inside
That means you walk and talk
With an air of confidence
A woman in Love
Not fallen in love like you tripped and fell
But ‘In Love’ purposefully, divinely
Captured by Love, to dance with Love
To know Love

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Celibacy – A passion burns within

Celibacy a passion burns within.
A loneliness that also stings
Like barbed wire that grips and rips into your clothes and won’t let go
It leaves its mark
Never the same as God’s tender hand takes you through a land
Of unsurrendered natural man
Each step you take there’s more pain as He crushes you like a rose
To release the beauty deep within, to smell the perfume released through suffering
It was for freedom that Christ set us free.
Stand firm and don’t submit again to that yoke of slavery
Love of Christ drives this gift
A willingness to pay the cost of lifetime singleness
So that others may find that greater gift of life, freedom and home in Christ.
They won’t just survive but learn to live through the sacrifice we give
Don’t get me wrong, tis not all dreary this celibacy
The call still rings clear. Set apart for Christ, His Church
What an honour to die to self and live for this is gain
A joy, a love, a passion burns deep within
Keeps the fire stoked always burning
Laughter, peace, real happiness
To find one’s place in this body of Christ

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